Smile Acts in Action

The second meeting for Smile Acts was rooted in initiative taking by the SMILErs and was coordinated and conducted almost entirely by the volunteers on 16th October,2010. The day began with a reiteration of the objectives of the Smile Foundation which is self awareness and self realisation. The volunteers, who are all members of the... Continue Reading →


Pravah Learning Voyages launches a 9 month course for youth facilitators!

Pravah Learning Voyages is launching a 9 month course titled ‘Ocean in a Drop’. It seeks to build a community of youth facilitators who can nurture young people at the level of self, relationships and engagement with society. We seek to bring to focus the "5th space" where a young person’s needs, intentions, and desires, hopes and... Continue Reading →

From a YFD Volunteer

Youth for Development (YfD) is a six month internship programme in partnership with Voluntary Services Overseas. It is an intensive learning opportunity for young people to understand developmental issues, develop life skills, and engage with the community by interning in a grass root organization/movement. Given below is an email sent to us by a former... Continue Reading →

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