From a YFD Volunteer

Youth for Development (YfD) is a six month internship programme in partnership with Voluntary Services Overseas. It is an intensive learning opportunity for young people to understand developmental issues, develop life skills, and engage with the community by interning in a grass root organization/movement.

Given below is an email sent to us by a former YFD volunteer, Saket Suman.

Hi everyone! I would like to share an incident with all of you.

One day, while eating lunch at NTPC, I overheard 2 people talking about education. One was telling the other, “ Mujhe aaj kal ke baccho ko dekh ke dar aata hain. School se aao, phir tuition jao, phir ghar aake homework karo. Kahin par zyaada opportunities hain kahin par kam, aur kahin par kuch nahin!” ( I am scared looking at todays children. As soon as they are back from school , they have to go for tuitions and then as soon as that is over they have homework to complete. Opportunities are becoming lesser and lesser, in some cases there are none!) I couldn’t help but tell them to ask their children to observe the things in their life and work on that observation and inspire them to study with an objective in mind.

The same thing happened two days back when I was at the barber shop. The barber was talking to his son on the phone and this is what he was telling him, “Study hard. One day you have to become a successful person.” I told him that this is wrong, instead of telling him to study hard ask him where his passion and interest lies and that will make him successful. He replied saying , “ In the village, teachers are a mere formality. It is not the same as it is in schools in Delhi.”

That is when I realized that in India every person is not given equal opportunities and chances to show case their talent. They lack inspiration and innovative ways to carry out their work.

And then I thought that for that purpose god has created social entrepreneurs like us so that we can work upon that because the government alone cannot do everything. And thanks to PRAVAH for giving me a chance to be one of social entrepreneurs.

With regards

Saket Suman


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