FUN Campers at Tilonia Rajashtan!!

A bumpy ride to an enriching experience at Tilonia ( Rajashtan)

Friendship  Udankhatola ( FUN)  camp is an important aspect of Adolescent Intervention programme. The camp works on ‘ self to society ‘- model. This model helps to realize the importance of youth and active citizenship. The basic aim is to understand how an individual can contribute to the society. This model also helps to understand the rural-urban relation and how each impacts the other in various forms. It also helps the students of that particular age to understand the other important perspective of life

In the month of November  2010 ,a group of 45 students from Sanskriti School class XI went for a FUN Camp to Tilonia, Rajasthan. The camp was hosted by The Social Welfare and Research Centre at Tilonia. The camp had a good combination of sessions, activities, village interaction and shramdaan. (Helping out in daily chores)

Students getting a hands on experience on weaving at Tilonia.

The village interaction gave a good insight to the students about the village life.Some of the questions that were explored during the camp were around language, lifestyle and occupations. The students expressed amazement about availability of things like water supply and TVs. Discussion on stereotypes, and whether they had been re-enforced, or broken got them thinking.

The students also got an opportunity to see rains in Rajasthan on the last day of their camp.

Let’s hear some of the Participants voice!!

“The community was welcoming and their hospitality was overwhelming, I have learnt the lifestyle of the villages and how they live in such simplicity.” – Arjun Bhanja Chaudhary

“I had a lot of fun while interacting with the village kids, I have realized that I am similar to them in many ways, and I have become more sensitive about others’ feelings, I feel that I am very important to myself and I can contribute a lot.” – Abhinav Tripathi

I have learnt that I can adapt myself to various situations and enjoy in all the kinds of situations, and I have decided that I would control my temper and bring down my ego level”. – Divya Murugesan

Have a pictorial view of our experience at Tilonia!!

We hop a little, skip a little!!
Activity in the village

Students interacting with the people at Tilonia.
students interacting with the children from the village.


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