Deep Self-Awareness Workshop

Dear All,

Greetings from Pravah!!

First of all a big THANK You  for engaging with us through the various processes over the year and sharing your excitement to continue exploring the journey with Pravah…

As you may all know, Pravah helps young people travel the journey from ‘Me to We’ through innovative, creative and experiential spaces, where each of you is the owner of their own learning journey. All our volunteers have shared how much they enjoy the chance to explore and meet new people and learn and discover something new about themselves and the world around them… This time around we bring to you an opportunity to take a deep dive into yourself to explore yourself , those around you,  and your relationship with the world, through the Deep Self Awareness workshop on 26- 27th March.

This is the second time we are offering this workshop after piloting it in early March, to great feedback.

Many of you may be wondering why a Deep Self Awareness workshop? Well this has emerged as a result of the many conversations and interactions that we have had with young people like yourself and explored with depth some of the questions that we as young people deal with….

‘How do I understand and create MY identity ‘

‘How do I deal with my fears’

‘How do I figure out what is reality and what is fiction’

’How do I figure out what I want to do and what I can do’

‘How do I understand why people behave the way they do’

‘How can I figure out what I need to do to unleash my potential’

‘How do I connect my self to the world around me.’
So we got working to figure how all of us could do this for ourselves…at least make a beginning …and the result is the two day Deep Self Awareness workshop.

We invite you to explore yourself and your universe through conversations, creative processes, games and experiments to perhaps take away at least  a tangible starting point to find answers to questions like the ones above!!!

If you are interested to know more and participate please contact Shilpa Jhawar  at011-26440619/26213918/26291354 or email her at

Please note that we will only be able to accommodate 15- 20 young people for this workshop which will be a 2 full day residential camp in Delhi on 26th-27th March 2011. If however you are interested and cannot stay do let us know and we can explore alternatives. Please do confirm your participation as soon as possible and we will then share the further details such as the venue and time with you.

And just before we sign off…here’s something that one of the participants from our first workshop shared:

‘ The workshop was an awesome experience!…it has completely changed my point of view… I have always done what people around me have told me to do…but I have learnt how to understand what others are saying… reason it out and gauge what is right and wrong for me…think and then decide…and this will really help me in my future..’- Binay , Kirori Mal College

Hoping to see you there …

Love, peace and energy

The YI team


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