little inspirations

I have always enjoyed being in ‘action mode’ and not so much in the zone of reflection, planning or thinking. As such, being part of workshops and events has always been a happy experience, something that I eagerly look forward to.

Meeting and making friends with young people, sharing stories from their lives and other unending conversations kept us busy during the Change Looms Development Centre (DC). One challenge, which I have liked to face time and again, is inspiring some of the shy participants to open up and speak freely. One of our friends Vipin Ram from Bihar, co-founder of Jan Adhikar Kendra was somewhat reserved and silent throughout the sessions.

However, something on Day 5 of the DC struck a chord with Vipin – a session on Leadership by Gouran Lal, where she demystified leadership by explaining how anyone could be a leader. This is what he had to share on the last day,

Before coming here, I was a bit scared that there might be people more knowledgeable than me, however after coming here I realised about my passion and potential. The leadership session made me realise that I too am a leader. Overall, I gained lots of learning and new confidence.”

Little things like this make my day… and give me the kick to continue doing my work and forming new bonds……..

– Navneet, who works with Pravah as Co-ordinator of the Changelooms Programme




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