Active Citizenship Club at Shafiq Memorial School Delhi set up by Pravah

The Active Citizenship Orientation workshop at ShafiqMemorialSchoolwas organized from the 23rd of March to the 26th of March.  The workshop was attended by a total of 11 students out of which 9 students remained continuously engaged with the programme while the rest were floating in and out. The group also had 2 girls which was... Continue Reading →


The SMILE In-Turn-Ship is here!!

Hi, Since the sun is shining bright, and holidays are not far away, what are your plans for the summer? Do you want to make new friends, explore the world, get out of the city, be with yourself? What if you could do all, at the same time?? We have an offer that has excited... Continue Reading →

“City slickers have a way about themselves” – An article by Rudrani Dasgupta, a volunteer at the GX programme this year

City slickers have a way about themselves. Armed with a battery of degrees and taught beliefs, everything that they say is right. Labels are right and so is a snap judgement. I was no different. When the London phase ended, I landed in India with certain arrogance. How alien could my own country get? I... Continue Reading →

Flowing Together – A Pravah Partnership Study (2011)

One of the core strengths of Pravah has always been it's partnership and relationship orientation and the sheer number of partners we relate with is itself an indicator of how much time and energy we invest in people and institutions across the country. The relationship orientation is an extension of our deeply cherished organizational value- Personnel connect in... Continue Reading →

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