Flowing Together – A Pravah Partnership Study (2011)

One of the core strengths of Pravah has always been it’s partnership and relationship orientation and the sheer number of partners we relate with is itself an indicator of how much time and energy we invest in people and institutions across the country. The relationship orientation is an extension of our deeply cherished organizational value- Personnel connect in the external world.

Pravah has been doing regular work to review and replenish it’s partnerships in each function and this role is led by each member of the Pravah team.  Team Leads and Directors including members of the Board also play a key role to provide inspiration and strategic direction to these partnerships.

Our reports/ documents demonstrate partnership orientation by having shared credits for partners. These documents not only exemplify our orientation but also help in strengthening reciprocal nature of our partnerships.

In the past few years we have done two intensive processes around bringing together knowledge of partnership building in the organization. In 2006 we conducted an appreciative enquiry of our partnership processes, the responses of the team and our partners (Non-profit organizations, funders, schools, young people, teachers and adolescents we have worked closely with) helped us in analyzing our partnerships and drawing significant guidelines for future. An outcome of this exercise was a beautiful document called ‘ Reflections’ which compiles letters written by our partners to share their journey with Pravah.

Based on Pravah Partnership review (July 2006) and a meeting on partnership in 2008, following have been identified as some of the indicators of a good partnership at Pravah:

  1. Belief in Vision of the organization and values alignment
  2. Comfort with working styles/ approach
  3. Initiative by both partners
  4. Transparency
  5. Approachability and accessibility
  6. Openness to new ideas and criticism
  7. Good (trust/respectful) relationship with the organization (not just one person)
  8. Good/ frequent communication
  9. Understanding of organization’s work beyond the project engagement
  10. Mutually enriching engagement and willingness to collaborate in future
  11. Shared Credit
  12. Ability to confront and discuss  and resolve differences as they come up

We have now decided to continue the process of learning by doing another partnership review… We are in process of collecting critical insights from internal team on the partnerships they deal with- each Pravahan is filling up a form that seeks analysis on- nature of engagement of partner and person holding partnership, achievements of partnership (for Pravah and for partner), critical incidences for both and rating of partnership. Similar form will be sent to partners for their analysis- this process will help us understand what are some of the things in Pravah and individuals that partners appreciate or have problems with? Which partnerships are being given high priority, which are being neglected? Which ones have potential? How can we enhance the quality of our partnerships such that the relationship nurtures symbiotic growth, not just of organizations but through their work growth of common good in society…


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