Streaming collective- promoting youth active citizenship…

Patang (Orissa)- A snap shot from orientation camp of Patang’s path maker internship program held in Paitmal in Bargar district in December 2011. A total of 39 participating youth were divided into two groups and asked to interact with community using Volunteers try a Participative Rural Appraisal method with the community. Below, A snap shot from green smart campaign organized by Patang in collaboration with water initiative Orissa-   in March 2011. The campaign included a range of activities like debate, poster competition, fashion show etc. In this picture volunteers are trying to spread the message of environment conservation by participating in environment fashion show.








Pravah Jaipur Initiative (Jaipur)- Altaf Bhat Chisto, a Kashmiri peace activist, speaking to PJI volunteers during a café meeting held on 7th of December 2011. His talk was followed by an intensive discussion on the issue. Below, Jaiveer Rathore, an active volunteer with Pravah Jaipur Initiative being is being interviewed by a reporter during Fly Peace Campaign. In his words- “Pravah has given me loads and loads of confidence every time. I also look at PJI as another home, where I can run to if I am suffering from any problems, any tensions or type of stress. I can come to Pravah and those stresses are relieved.”









Saher (Mumbai)- A session being facilitated on taking stances by Seher (A Mumbai based organization working with children and youth from slums). Below, Children, Youth and Community elders participate in Marathon for Peace








Commutiny- the Youth Collective (Delhi)- Core Group of the ‘Must Bol Campaign’ at the Reclaiming the Night Event organized in collaboration with Saathi – All for Partnerships in Delhi to demonstrate their opposition to crime against women in the city. Must Bol is a youth led campaign against gender Based Violence , facilitated by CYC. Below, Community Cookout at the Learning and Leadership Journey program’s orientation event as part of a group building and learning exercise.








Parth Laxami Vikas Trust (Gujrat)- Ankit  (in pink) , founder of Parth Laxami Vikas Trust facilitates a session on conflict positive model with his team of volunteers in Gujarat as Pravah representatives participate to support him and give feedback. Below, Ankit shares his thoughts  with the group as part of an exercise during foundation retreat of ‘Ocean in A Drop’- a learning voyage for youth facilitators initiated by Pravah (February 2011).  The retreat was a capacity building cum selection space for streaming program.








Pravah (Delhi)- The gang from the second batch of SMILE In-turn-ship (4-6 weeks Internship Program for young people) during their four day Orientation camp in Manthan (Rajasthan). Below, Volunteers share their food-memories during a summer hulchal named ‘food for thought’ that helped people in exploring some issues concerning food.. market influences on what we eat, food distribution, environmental impact of what we eat/ drink..


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