Experience at the Summer Hulchul Theatre Workshop – Arnab, a participant, shares

“Theatre is the art of Illusion,” said Ritesh Sharma in an almost candid fashion, and thus began our workshop at Pravah. Having had trouble defining creative genres, including theatre, I wondered how pertinent this definition was to theatre alone. Aren’t all creative works illusions, in their own rights? Isn’t a short story nothing more than... Continue Reading →


How Schools Can Grow As Nurseries Of Peace

- Synopsis of a talk delivered by Dr. Mridula Mukherjee, Director- Nehru Memorial Museum and Library in a Teachers Consultation organized by Pravah In today’s world of growing violence, distrust and insecurity, the need for peace education is even more profound. However, the big question is, how can teachers build a culture of peace? Because... Continue Reading →

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