The FUN Camp at Una

The FUN camp in Una, in Himachal Pradesh, was a big success with sixty eight students from Sanskriti School participating to learn about the rural realities and discovering more about themselves in the process.

FUN Camp UnaA routine with no cellular phones, laptops, I pods; new attire, different food and a simple life like the rural folks was exciting to these urban cool dudes! The “Who am I” session made everyone open up, was a little emotional but at the same time made the participants learn to trust each other.

“I used to dislike myself for various reasons. But, when I talked to one of my facilitators, it just made me open up.”

Students were apprehensive about getting involved in village activities like plastering the walls of the cowshed with cow dung, a not very pleasant experience for most of them. It was hesitation about dirtying their hands and the students were very thankful when the villagers helped them to plaster the cracked walls to support them. Similar experiences enabled them to build an understanding of development issues of education and sanitation in rural India.

The six teachers at the camp also felt their relationships with the students deepening. By the end of the camp, one of the teachers said “I have been for 13 camps till date, but this one is the most joyful and memorable camp out of all.”

This FUN camp brought a sense of brotherhood to all, no matter where an individual belonged to. Learning from each other and giving what one had…. As, Calvin Coolidge wrote “No person was ever honored for what he received, honor has been the reward for what he gave.”

~ Sulochana Thapa


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