The Pravah Retreat – ‘हम करेंगे जंगल में मंगल’

Pravah had made plans for a Jungle Retreat at the Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve, in the month of June 2012. The main purpose of the retreat was to get together as a whole team and the theme for this year was “Me as a Fifth Space citizen”.

Building up the excitement:
The thought of a jungle retreat had already made everyone excited.

Emails going around in the office with the caption ” हम करेंगे जंगल में मंगल ” really set the mood and one could feel the excitement of the things to come. Also discussions regarding the river, jungle walks, cook-outs, mehfils, added fuel to the excitement.

Pravah Retreat - 1The journey begins:
The journey began on 25th June, it was really a fun-filled typical Indian train journey and we enjoyed it to the fullest. After 4 hrs of journey we finally reached Ramnagar station. Form there it was just a short bus ride to reach our destination, the Manu Maharani resort. By the time we reached it was already dark and everyone was really looking forward to the next 4 action packed days ahead.

As ideas buzzed in the minds:
The sessions formed the core part of the Retreat involving a lot of group discussions, interactions and expressions challenging everyone to express and contribute to the various issues, but not without a regular dose of fun , games and action which were seamlessly woven into these sessions.

The concept of “5th Space” was analyzed in detail. Not only these discussions brought out the opinions of the participants on an intellectual level, but also it struck an emotional chord deep down somewhere.

The evening mehfils:
The mehfils were the star attraction and everybody looked forward to it at the end of the day, there were a variety of programmes, including music, games, dancing, acting, costume dramas etc. You name it and it was there and all credit goes to the talented choreographers and directors of Pravah for this.

The action sequences:
The Jeep Safari and bridge building exercises brought some adventure. The Jeep Safari commenced early morning at 5 and took everyone through the but only a few lucky could actually see the tiger. .

A rope bridge exercise was planned for another day. This was facilitated by 2 professionals, and people were having a really adventurous time crossing the rope bridge.

All good things come to an end:
The five days of the retreat were truly action packed and finally wounded up with a ‘gala mehfil’ and we boarded out train to Delhi. Pravah Retreat - 2

Although we can say that the Retreat as an event came to an end, the ideas expressed, the lessons learnt, the emotions felt, the change in perceptions, the camaraderie and bonding formed in this retreat will always be remembered by all for ever.

All of these were captured and documented by Pravah team and so finally we can say that the Pravah Team wrote its very own “Jungle Book” at Corbett this year !

~ Anurag Samuel & Meghamala Sengupta


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