Visit to Urban Communities

Pravah organized a visit for the students of the Sanskriti students to Shadipur and Nizammuddin villages with the support of Kalakar trust and Hope Project. Through this visit, the urban adolescents gained an exposure to the realities of ordinary lives away from their usual comfort zones. The community visit was an eye opener to the... Continue Reading →


Ushering In New Change

The first Development Centre (DC) was held from July 15 – 19, 2012 at Sanksriti Kendra. There were 17 new Change Loom teams from 12 states represented by 32 youth leaders that participated in this DC. The average age this year (26) was higher than previous years as the upper age range was increased to... Continue Reading →

The Corporate Exposure

Recently, Pravah received an invitation that was also a challenge! Mr. C Babu Joseph, Executive Trustee & CEO, Axis Bank Foundation, impressed by the various programs conducted by Pravah for youth, invited us to conduct an orientation workshop for their employees in September 2012. Coming from premier engineering and management institutes of India, the participants of the workshop... Continue Reading →

The Streaming Collective at Jaipur

A Streaming Collective meeting was held recently in August 2012.The Streaming Collective is a group of seven like-minded organisations working on youth development and active citizenship - YAAR, Vriksh, Patang, PJI, CYC, SAHER and Pravah. All these organisations working under the aegis of the Streaming programme formally decided to take up the identity of a Streaming Collective during a partnership meeting... Continue Reading →

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