The Streaming Collective at Jaipur

A Streaming Collective meeting was held recently in August 2012.The Streaming Collective is a group of seven like-minded organisations working on youth development and active citizenship – YAAR, Vriksh, Patang, PJI, CYC, SAHER and Pravah.

All these organisations working under the aegis of the Streaming programme formally decided to take up the identity of a Streaming Collective during a partnership meeting held in Delhi in May 2012. The members of the Streaming Collective work towards three key objectives:   Image

a) To advocate for 5th space in partner geographies,  

b) To create learning and exchange opportunities for collective members and youth leaders,  

c) To deepen the relationships between the collective members.

A collective member, Pravah Jaipur Initiative  (PJI), hosted the recent three-day meeting at CECOEDECON, near Jaipur, Rajasthan. In addition to the Collective members, Change Looms -LLJ programme participants – Share a Smile (Jaipur), Alfa Society (Udaipur), Safe Safar (Lucknow), Youth Alliance (Delhi) also attended the meeting. The objective of this residential meeting was mainly to review the streaming collective plans from the last meeting held in May 2012.  

The meeting resulted in two joint actions for the Streaming Collective namely, to participate in the  CYC  5th space advocacy event, and to create  learning cum exposure opportunities for  youth leaders.The CYC/Streaming Collective 5th space event will include holding film screenings, conducting workshops, consultations/seminar, campaigns, mobilization drives in partner geographies on the 5th space concept and youth development. Seven such events are planned in December ’12 /January ‘13 – SAHER YAAR, Vriksh, PJI, Patang, Pravah, CYC from the Streaming Collective space would be hosting events in Mumbai, Dehradun, Jaipur, Sambalpur and Delhi.

In addition to this, the CL-LLJ teams – Share a SMILE, Youth Alliance, Alfa Society and Safe Safar plan to host events in Kherwada near Udaipur and Lucknow. Through these advocacy events, the Streaming Collective would reach out to youth facilitators – teachers, parents, NGO practitioners, policy makers, volunteers, grassroots workers, government officials   from their geographies with a vision to inform, educate and communicate with them on the concept of 5th space. These   events will also empower youth facilitators with skills, ideas and methodologies to make their institutions 5th space focused.

As part of the learning and exchange agenda of the collective, ten youth leaders from streaming partners – Vriksh, YAAR and Patang have participated in a SMILE  group exposure to Ekta Parishad in October /November 2012. 

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