Visit to Urban Communities

Pravah organized a visit for the students of the Sanskriti students to Shadipur and Nizammuddin villages with the support of Kalakar trust and Hope Project. Through this visit, the urban adolescents gained an exposure to the realities of ordinary lives away from their usual comfort zones.

The community visit was an eye opener to the students of Sanskriti about how under privileged communities in an urban setting lived. An impressive performance was staged for the Sanskriti students by the children of the communities. They displayed their skills in not only music but also in other fields like pottery, crafts, aerobics, turban making, stilts etc.

The Sanskriti students interacted with the children from these two communities to share ideas and knowledge with one another, discovering how they lived and issues in their lives. There were group discussions on topics such as child rights, education, women’s rights, etc.

By the end of the visit, most of the Sanskriti students felt a deep connection with the children from these two communities. They were very impressed how these children used their limited resources effectively and yet enjoyed themselves!

~ Sulochana Thapa


The community visit was an enriching experience! The adolescents from Kalakar Trust in Shadipur, formed their own band and created drums sets from buckets and boxes were steel plate into cymbals. This made me realize that, it is not always needed to have the exact musical instruments to prove our performance but it depends on our creativity, dedication and passion towards what we want to achieve in life!” ~ Isha Deswal –Class IX, Sanskriti.

The children from Kalakar Trust showed a breathtaking dance performance. These lot of outstanding students deserved to be selected for the T.V. programme – ‘India’s got talent.” ~ Manasi Dogra, Class –, Sanskriti.

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