A Space for Refl-Action

The cluster meeting in August 2012 was a vibrant space filled with energy, sharing and learning. Six voyagers from Pradan, Indo-Global Social Service Society, Synergy Sansthan and Diksha Foundation attended the meeting.
Cluster meetings are spaces where the Ocean in a Drop voyagers come together to review the milestones identified by them on their action plan, seek inputs from navigators to strengthen their learning process and engage with each other to keep the community alive. Their journey that began during Ocean in a Drop, Pravah’s learning journey, to build capacities of professionals working with young people. The OID journey has two parts – a six day Foundation Retreat that gives voyagers an opportunity to explore four thematic areas, namely, Perspective Building on Youth Development, Instructional Design and Facilitation, Systemic Thinking and Deep Self Awareness. The second part of the journey is a four-month real world application space, wherein the voyagers use the learning derived from the workshop in a project that they want to work with. This is accompanied with a self action plan created by the voyagers for any area that they choose to work on.
The day of the cluster meeting began with a fun energizer, followed by presentations by Naghma from Pravah and Ajay from Synergy Sansthan. The presentation captured the way in which the principles of 5th space were woven into the projects that these voyagers were engaged in. It reflected the ways in which the concept of the 5th space was understood, accepted and integral to the work done by these two voyagers respectively. Following this, other voyagers also shared experiences of their programs transforming into 5th Space.
The high point of the day was when each voyager brought their own energy into the larger group by sharing the changes they had experiences within themselves and in their project plans. The voyagers reviewed each others’ progress in both project and self -action plans and gave feedback.

Gautam from Diksha Foundation shared that they had worked on creating Diksha’s vision statement. Using the ‘Tatva’ framework learned in the Ocean in a Drop journey, they looked at Diksha as a system, identified its culture, processes, purpose, values, competencies of the staff. They then recognized that a key gap was the lack of a shared vision statement, following which they worked on developing the same. Gautam’s self action plan involved analyzing his fear about financial instability. Acknowledging it as a bane helped him rationalize his consumption patterns and identify a plan to reduce consumption in all spheres of life such as food, electricity, consumables and carbon footprints. He realized that this would serve him as a boon towards more meaningful living.

The day ended with the group brainstorming on interesting ways to market the program by taking on the role of ambassadors for OID learning voyages. This cluster meeting helped keep alive the eagerness to learn from each other in the group, shared warmth and desire to build a stronger OID community.

~ Malavika Pavamani

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