5th Space – Goes LIVE!!!

Pravah and Commutiny-The Youth Collective together launched the much awaited 5th Space LIVE Concept at the India Habitat Centre on 23rd November, 2012. The full house energy packed event successfully created another space for youth to share, discuss, and illuminate opinions and views.

The anchors Malvika and Monisha kick started the event very differently with a game. Their idea ‘anchu and aidu’ which means five in Malayalam and Telegu respectively created excitement amongst the audience. The design and the flow of the event helped the audience to understand the concept effortlessly. The concept was brought alive through films, Vox-pops, powerPoint presentation and engaged the audience to discuss and debate this new space.

Different coloured cards- red, green and yellow- were distributed amongst the audience to form groups to discuss statements regarding challenges faced by facilitators. Shilpa and Naghma lead the Polarization discussion engaging every person in the audience leading to a deeper understanding of the 5th space concept.

The Ocean in a Drop film weaved its magic encouraging partner organisation members to share their experiences. Ritikaa, who anchored this second phase of the event, kept the audience riveted. She flawlessly facilitated the sharing of the concept design and highlighted forth coming 5th Space events

Geeta Narayan, Program Officer UNFPA shared, “Both Venkat and I enjoyed the one hour that we spent at the event organized by you. It was casual yet very organized, thereby giving each one the required space…and very aptly the 5th space….for us too it was that very personal 5th space, away from work and home responsibilities and being able to mingle with the ”young”. Thank you for having extended the invite and certainly look forward to more opportunities of working together.”

Pallavi from OXFAM said, “Thank you for your kind words and letting me a part of your organisation’s journey. There is a lot to be done and the moment is absolutely right for it. It always so much fun attending and being a part of Pravah’s events. Looking forward to the coming months….”

To bring to a close the celebrations, Ekam Satyam presented an original song on the concept of 5th Space.  The lovely lyrics and the composition made the audience not only tap their feet but sing along full gusto!  A truly befitting finale to a great evening – typical Pravah style – masti, music, dance, a group hug and of course new learning.


Missed the event? Mark your calendars for the next 5th space event in Delhi on 12thJanuary, 2013. Like 5th space on http://www.facebook.com/5thSpace!


Aparna Ravi

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  1. Great work Aparna, I love the way you captured the essence of the day, Indeed was a lot of fun to interact with people across partner organisations, youth facilitators , teachers and SMILERs who were a part of the event!! waiting for the next one in line…

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