Walking in Delhi – Cross cultural exchanges in a shared 5th Space between Kashmir and Delhi youth

In December, Pravah had the pleasure of hosting a group of 20 Kashmiri male youth who came to Delhi for an exposure visit through IGSSS-Kashmir. ┬áTogether with them, as part of the Youth Intervention team I explored the city; dissected stereotypes held of Kashmir and Delhi and addressed the tough questions on understanding ourselves and... Continue Reading →


Volunteerism: Mirroring Reality

Coalgate was stupefying enough for me to watch Kala Pathar - the Yash Chopra classic about coal miners - again. In the film, a catharsis seeking Amitabh Bachchan tells Rakhee, the resident mining town doctor, "Pain is my destiny and I can't avoid it." Funny that: Pain and Destiny. I started wondering if pain could... Continue Reading →

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