“Looking Beyond One’s Own Nose”: A community visit at Aman Biradari

On 1st and 2nd August, I had my first work day out of office and attended a community visit with the Pravah Adolescence Intervention (AI) team. Beforehand, I had decided to take a break from studying Cultural Sciences in Europe, to fly all the way from Germany to India and to take part in Pravah’s... Continue Reading →


Youth-Led YOUTH CLUB Pilot Launched

Since May 2013, a group of young men and women from Chandigarh, India's, Colony No.05 of the Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan (NYKS) Youth and Sports Club are getting together regularly with CYP and Pravah, a leading trainer of youth and youth workers, in a novel pilot. The pilot explores youth-led creation and implementation of the... Continue Reading →


“During this journey, I felt within me a strong *learning need*”“This journey took me out of my shell, helped me grow up and think independently”Such feedback and transformation strengthen our belief and determination to continue with the SMILE in-turn-ship program. At Pravah, we believe the SMILE (Student Mobilization Initiative for Learning and Exposure) journey is... Continue Reading →

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