My Life, Mere Faisle- Dharamveer

Dharamveer, 19 years old, 'My Life, Mere Faisle (MLMF) particpant, Bihar, Diksha Foundation   Dharamveer is a student pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Arts. He has been associated with Diksha Foundation since he was 11 years old. He has been part MLMF programme. When asked about this program, he shares that it has surprised him... Continue Reading →

My Life, Mere Faisle- Pranjal

Pranjal, 13 year old, 'My Life, Mere Faisle' (MLMF) participant, Madhya Pradesh, Agrini Pranjal is a student of 7th standard in Agrini Public School. Pranjal has been associated with MLMF program right from the beginning and was present in each and every session. When asked about this program, she shares that she has learnt many... Continue Reading →

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