My Life, Mere Faisle- Gulfasha

Gulfasha, 15 years old, My Life Mere Faisle (MLMF) participant, Madhya Pradesh, Anhad Pravah She is a student of class 9th of Urdu Girls Higher Secondary, Madhya Pradesh . She comes from a low income Muslim family and used to be a very quite and shy girl. Contrary to her usual behaviour, she was quite... Continue Reading →

My Life, Mere Faisle- Sumitra

Sumitra (name changed) is a young My Life, Mere Faisle (MLMF) participant from Diksha Foundation. "I still think about the challenges I had to face to convince my parents to let me go to school and continue my education." Her father father is a driver and mother a housewife and with a family of seven,... Continue Reading →

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