Pravah works with young people to impact issues of social justice through youth citizenship action. Based in New Delhi, we work with adoloscents and diverse groups like youth organizations and institutions working directly with young people. After a decade of intensive work, we have expanded our portfolio to include teachers training, incubating new initiatives and facilitative work with other organizations working on youth development. Together with these partners we are currently advocating for youth development and citizenship action.

In 1992 a wave of violence and rise in communal thinking forced a group of young professionals in their early twenties, to stop observing passively and take action – something that we had forgotten to do for a long time. What started as a small campaign led in colonies and colleges to mobilize public opinion against the violence through creative mediums like theatre, later began to flow as Pravah.

We became a registered organization in 1993 and since then, our team has grown to include over 25 professionals with vast experience in diverse fields such as human resource development, theater, psychology and social sciences. We now partner with more than 40 Indian civil society groups.



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