Alter School


Organization The Alter School
Theme Environment & Culture
Location Kerala


About the Organization:-

The Alter School is an incubation of Vayali and its vision is to promote youth leadership and youth development in the region. Set up in November 2016 it works towards providing youth a space to explore and become active citizens by engaging them in various social cultural and environmental activities. One of the projects is “Peoples Biodiversity Register Creation and River Nila rejuvenation”.

When the Anchor of the organization went through the ICS Journey, his ideas of working with youth and the community became concrete. With the support of team Vayali, he worked to start The Alter School.

Objectives of the Organization:-

  • Create alternative learning space for youth and help them inculcate the values of  active  citizenship
  • Engage with youth to encourage social Action, ex: Conservation of river Nila



Sarath KR                                                          Email ID:  sarathvayali@gmail.comsarath.jpg

Sarath completed his Higher Senior Secondary education in 2013. He volunteered for programmes like Nehru Yuva Kendra, ICS and VSO.

He is extremely passionate and has a very clear vision of engaging with local youth in their psycho- social development. After engaging with the Vayali group, he got the chance to actively engage with youth and explore active citizenship. He was then motivated to work on building The Alter School.


Muhammed Shaabin                                                Email ID:

Muhammed Shaabin completed his Higher Senior Secondary education in 2012.  He has been extensively engaged with sports and Martial Arts.  He formed a relationship with the anchor due to their common love for Kalri performance. He began engaging with Youth work and eventually became a part of The Alter School.




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