Changelooms’ Peer Visit: “Trust Me it Will Create Wonders”

Change Looms Learning and Leadership Journey (Changelooms) supports young people who have started and are running their own independent social initiatives. It provides skill and capacity building, mentoring support, financial support and networking opportunities. The 2013-2014 Changelooms journey has included cross-border peer visits for all participants. Cross-border engagement aims to address three   issues that... Continue Reading →


Investing in Young Social Change Leaders

June 14, 2013 marked a significant day in the lives of 22 young change leaders from across the country as they completed the Change Looms Learning and Leadership journey. Pravah and CYC’s Change Looms Learning and Leadership Journey is a program that supports young people who have started their own social initiatives. During the course... Continue Reading →

The Ubuntu Experience

'I Am Because You Are Because We Are'  …the spirit of Ubuntu as shared by Archbishop Desmund Tutu in South Africa sheds light on the essence of being human. It speaks of our interconnectedness. We think of ourselves far too frequently as individuals, separated from one another, whereas we are connected - what we do... Continue Reading →

Purna Bhattacharya, a Pravahan, reflects on the role of young men in countering GBV

This Blog is part of the Men Say No Blogathon, encouraging men to take up action against the violence faced by women. More entries to the Blogathon can be read at Join further conversation on &  The word gender is a socially and culturally constructed term assigning distinctive roles, values, customs, practices... Continue Reading →

Ocean in drop..15 inspiring co voyagers already on board.. come join the crew ;-) by PRAVAH

Consolidating 18 years of deep experience in life skills, active citizenship and youth development, Pravah is offering a learning voyage called Ocean in a Drop for facilitators, educationists  and program  leaders working with young people.   The voyage begins on 19 July 2011  with a foundation retreat for  6 days at Delhi and  traverses four core terrains:   a)     Youth Development b) Instructional Design and Facilitation... Continue Reading →

“Strengthening Self Development processes among student teachers of B.El.Ed program” – A Reflection on Pravah’s journey with B.El.Ed students

In the month of May 20th, 2011 Teacher Training Intervention organized a consultation. Faculty members from various DU B.El.Ed colleges were invited. Out of 8 B.EL.Ed colleges, faculty members from 4 colleges participated. The consultation focused on how we can strengthen and evaluate the current Self Development processes in the B.El.Ed curriculum. The faculty members identified... Continue Reading →

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