How Schools Can Grow As Nurseries Of Peace

- Synopsis of a talk delivered by Dr. Mridula Mukherjee, Director- Nehru Memorial Museum and Library in a Teachers Consultation organized by Pravah In today’s world of growing violence, distrust and insecurity, the need for peace education is even more profound. However, the big question is, how can teachers build a culture of peace? Because... Continue Reading →


Ocean in drop..15 inspiring co voyagers already on board.. come join the crew ;-) by PRAVAH

Consolidating 18 years of deep experience in life skills, active citizenship and youth development, Pravah is offering a learning voyage called Ocean in a Drop for facilitators, educationists  and program  leaders working with young people.   The voyage begins on 19 July 2011  with a foundation retreat for  6 days at Delhi and  traverses four core terrains:   a)     Youth Development b) Instructional Design and Facilitation... Continue Reading →

“Strengthening Self Development processes among student teachers of B.El.Ed program” – A Reflection on Pravah’s journey with B.El.Ed students

In the month of May 20th, 2011 Teacher Training Intervention organized a consultation. Faculty members from various DU B.El.Ed colleges were invited. Out of 8 B.EL.Ed colleges, faculty members from 4 colleges participated. The consultation focused on how we can strengthen and evaluate the current Self Development processes in the B.El.Ed curriculum. The faculty members identified... Continue Reading →

Active Citizenship Club at Shafiq Memorial School Delhi set up by Pravah

The Active Citizenship Orientation workshop at ShafiqMemorialSchoolwas organized from the 23rd of March to the 26th of March.  The workshop was attended by a total of 11 students out of which 9 students remained continuously engaged with the programme while the rest were floating in and out. The group also had 2 girls which was... Continue Reading →

The Age of Excess

This is an age of excess.  Balance is either forgotten or a taboo word.  Everything has to be the “best”. This excess has slowly crept into every sphere of our life.  It is almost an impossible task to exist on a middle level when the measures of excellence have reached such extremes.  We hardly dare... Continue Reading →

Pravah Learning Voyages launches a 9 month course for youth facilitators!

Pravah Learning Voyages is launching a 9 month course titled ‘Ocean in a Drop’. It seeks to build a community of youth facilitators who can nurture young people at the level of self, relationships and engagement with society. We seek to bring to focus the "5th space" where a young person’s needs, intentions, and desires, hopes and... Continue Reading →

From a YFD Volunteer

Youth for Development (YfD) is a six month internship programme in partnership with Voluntary Services Overseas. It is an intensive learning opportunity for young people to understand developmental issues, develop life skills, and engage with the community by interning in a grass root organization/movement. Given below is an email sent to us by a former... Continue Reading →

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