Changelooms’ Peer Visit: “Trust Me it Will Create Wonders”

Change Looms Learning and Leadership Journey (Changelooms) supports young people who have started and are running their own independent social initiatives. It provides skill and capacity building, mentoring support, financial support and networking opportunities. The 2013-2014 Changelooms journey has included cross-border peer visits for all participants. Cross-border engagement aims to address three   issues that... Continue Reading →

Everything (one) shall pass. Live (with) it, when it is there, and let it go, to embrace more. Life and Art: They Inspire one another. In fact, when these forms collide, it is often the highest praise of a moment well-lived or an item well-made. This is what happened for Astha, a Pravah intern turned... Continue Reading →

The Ubuntu Experience

'I Am Because You Are Because We Are'  …the spirit of Ubuntu as shared by Archbishop Desmund Tutu in South Africa sheds light on the essence of being human. It speaks of our interconnectedness. We think of ourselves far too frequently as individuals, separated from one another, whereas we are connected - what we do... Continue Reading →

Pravah is proud of GX-YfD Alumni

Inviting volunteers for upcoming programs at Pravah... Read some of the powerful stories of our Alumni and the remarkable change volunteering experiences made in their lives. ABHIJIT SARKAR “I now have a life with fewer coins in my pocket but a bag full of rich experiences,” declares a defiant Abhijit Sarkar on being asked how... Continue Reading →

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