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Over the last decade, social entrepreneurship in India has seen exponential growth, with an increasing number of passionate, young people starting up NGOs and businesses which provide out-of-the-box approaches to improve the lives of the country’s 400 million poor. Social entrepreneurs, by virtue of being an integral part of communities, are uniquely positioned to bring about financial, social and psychological inclusion; with the capacity to create contextualized solutions to the local challenges. However, social pressures, limited access to resources both financial and non financial, as well as lack of avenues to develop their skills are some of the many challenges that young social change-makers face.

Solution and Approach:

Pravah and ComMutiny-The Youth Collective promote social entrepreneurship amongst passionate young leaders through the Changelooms Learning and Leadership Journey. The program supports young people who have started their own social initiatives. It provides skill and capacity building, mentoring support, financial support and networking opportunities. Since 2005, Pravah and ComMutiny have impacted over 400 youth led start-ups from across India. These young activists are mentored and facilitated to enable them to put their paradigm shifting ideas into action and become social entrepreneurs.

About the Program:

Changelooms Journey is implemented with early stage start-ups via a one year long journey. The purpose of the learning and leadership journey is to equip participants to develop and strengthen their competencies as leaders and social entrepreneurs. The process is built around the early stage life cycle needs of social entrepreneurs. The visual depicts the key components of the journey.


What we offer right Now :

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