Organization Guhaar
Theme Community Development
Location Delhi

About the Organization:-

Guhaar is an organization run by highly passionate individuals who believe in responsible journalism. They use media as a tool to highlight the voices of the marginalized and grass root movements/organizations through documentaries, movies and write-ups. Set up in Delhi in June 2017, it provides media consultancy to organizations spread across Bihar, Orissa, Maharashtra, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh and Delhi.

The founding team worked with Narmada Bachao Andolan and National Alliance of People’s Movements during their Smile Journeys with Pravah. It helped them understand the intensity of issues on the ground. They found that Media is diverting from its core value and building up a biased perspective among the people.

In order to minimize the gap between the urban and rural and highlight the voices of marginalized sections of the society, they worked to build a platform through their initiative.

Objectives of the Organization:-

  • Creating a platform to give voices to grassroots moments and NGOs ( stories and challenges)
  • Building the capacity of these organisation to enter the mainstream media spaces
  • Creating a youth network a cohort of volunteers to as advocators to manage these two objectives and do that through self to society journeys.


Saurav Rajput                                                     Email ID:

Saurav did his B.Tech in Civil Engineering from IIT Delhi sauravin 2017. He was actively involved with students’ politics and sports during his time at IIT Delhi.  He did his Smile-Inturnship with Pravah in 2016.

During the Smile journey, he got to engage and work with the Narmada Bachao Andolan. He realized that there is an urgency of Ground leaders working at the grassroots in the social sector.  This was how he along with his team initiated the process of setting up Guhaar.


Abbad Kamal                                                                Email ID:


Abbad did his Bachelors in Economics from Delhi University in 2016. He was involved in media and worked as a freelance writer with National Herald.

He went through the Smile-Inturnship Journey with Pravah and got to engage with the Narmada bachao Andolan. During his journey, he saw the ground realities was highly touched and motivated to work with people. When the founding of Guhaar was discussed he was extremely interested in the same and continues to be passionate and committed to the organization.

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