Pravah Learning Voyages

Pravah Learning Voyages enables individuals and organisations to design, develop and facilitate innovative education and development programmes for adolescents and youth. The institute also supports them for more effective engagement on the ground for social issues. Through this program, we intend to co-create a paradigm shift in youth leadership by exposing youth facilitators from a diverse array of like-minded organizations to experiential learning games that begin with fun and culminate in holistic and sustainable learning experiences.

Consolidating Pravah’s learnings on youth development and active citizenship with individuals and organizations over the last 18 years, we have launched a 9 month course designed as a learning.  It seeks to build capacities of facilitators, educators, HR / training professionals and individuals working with youth, in areas of youth development, systems thinking, instructional design, facilitation and deep self awareness. It is structured such that 70% of the voyage will be at the voyager’s place of work and 30% will be in learning retreats in workshop settings.

The voyage seeks to help the voyager:

  • Know their target group (youth) better and analyze strategies to engage with them effectively
  • Design and deliver high impact interventions/ modules
  • Deep dive into self to explore themselves, and their relationship with the world
  • Excavate real source for transformation through doing a systems analysis vis-à-vis a real world challenge
  • Be navigated by cutting edge learning space creators and experienced facilitators in the field of youth leadership

Download the brochure for the facilitators course.


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