Rural Trek


Organization Rural Trek
Theme Community Development/ Environment/ Education
Location Malad West, Maharastra

About the Organization:-

Rural trek is working on promoting rural tourism to provide alternative livelihood opportunities to people. They also aim to bring unexplored villages on the tourism map. They aim to give a boost to the rural economy by increased footfall to the villages. They also plan to identify developmental needs of the villages and bring CSR and other volunteers to address those.

The founding team of this organization loves travelling and got a chance to visit and stay at one of the villages. They found the experience to be great and from the Rural Trek was born. The idea for Rural Trek is to sensitize Trekkers and Campers community about how their simple act of choosing a camping and trekking destination into the rural site can help village community to earn extra income.

Objectives of the Organization:-

  • Reduce migration in rural areas by creating alternative livelihood opportunities along with the capacity building of the rural community.
  • Promote the existing culture and infrastructure of rural areas by inviting the urbanites to experience the same,
  • Work with the community to put the resources earned into the development of 1the area.


Dharmendra Kumar Gupta                               Email ID: dharm

Dharmendra did his Bachelors and Masters of Science in Information Technology in 2015. He then did a post graduate Program in Development Management in 2018. He worked in Kherwadi Social Welfare Association, and founded Ek Ehsaas Ek Vishwas in 2012 which lasted till 2014. In addition to that he has also been a Yes Foundation Media For Social Change Fellow. During his Yes fellowship he worked with Yuva Parivartan and got a chance to travel extensively. It was then, that he came up with the idea for Rural Trek and began working on it later.



SaddamHussian Shahban Shaikh                       Email ID:  shaikh.saddam217@gmail.comsaddam

Saddam did his B.E. in Civil Engineering from Mumbai University. He worked in organizations like M/S Mahalakshmi Co., Kumar Infrastructure and Mandal Infrastructure. Due to his personal financial challenges he found it easy to relate to the reality at grass roots. He used to volunteer with Dharmendra at multiple occasions. When Dharmendra came up with the idea of Rural Economy Development through Rural Trek, he was excited to join and contribute in the same.




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