Organization Sonzal Welfare Trust
Theme Gender welfare, community development, Youth and Adolescent Development
Location Srinagar, J&K
  • About the Organization:-

Sonzal Welfare Trust set up in 2017, aims to build a supportive institutional framework, incorporating SHGs for the transgender community so that they can lead a life of dignity, access proper sexual and mental health care services and sustain themselves. The organisation has an ‘Inclusive Sexual Health Clinic’ that focuses on providing access to mental and sexual health facilities through online and offline wellness facilities. They are creating interface b/w doctors, medical practitioners, patients and chemists to strengthen the involvement of pharmaceutical sector to subsidise medicines and contraceptives. In addition to that, they are working towards influencing policies to promote government-sponsored transposing of Transgender (hormone replacement therapy and sex reassignment surgery) along with skilling the community to earn their livelihoods.

Objectives of the Organization:-

  • Diagnosing access and setting up mental health and sexual health facilities in different districts of Kashmir
  • Public Awareness and Advocacy to influence policy
  • Skill identification and capacity building to create sustainable SHGs
  • Social Empowerment by providing Legal aid and support to the survivors of Gender Based Violence


Aijaz Ahmad Bund                                                               Email ID:

 aijazAijaz completed his Masters in social work from University of Kashmir and went on to do a PhD along with teaching in the department of Social work in 2017. His areas of specialization are Armed Conflict, Violence, Psycho-social rehabilitation, issue of gender and sexual minorities.

He is an LGBT activist and an advocate for the rights of the transgender community in Kashmir. Aijaz is currently defending the implementation of the NALSA judgment in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. He is an author at GAYLAXY and has authored a book, ”Hijras of Kashmir: A Marginalized Form of Personhood; the first ethnographic study on the transgender community of Kashmir.


Enus Shafi Khan

enus-e1540903840227.pngEnus did his bachelor’s in Commerce (2014), and Masters in Social work (2016) from University of Kashmir. He cleared his UGC Net in 2017.

He realized his potential of empathy and working with people during his Masters programme. He began working with an organization working on child rights and found himself interested in Gender Studies.   He then went to join one of his friend who was already advocating for the rights of gender and sexual minorities in a PIL that is still going in High Court in Srinagar.




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