The Queer Muslim Project


Organization The Queer Muslim Project
Theme Community Development and Education/ Gender
Location Delhi

 About the Organization:-

The Queer Muslim Project is working towards creating visibility and awareness of LGBTQ+ Muslims in India. Their major focus is on creating a safe space for Queer Muslims to get together and build a support system for them outside their homes. They focus on creating awareness, establishing dialogue, educating Queer Muslims and outreaching to their respective families and friends.

The personal experiences of the anchor have shaped the way he thinks about issues around identity, gender, sexuality and religion. This initiative began as a collective to ensure intersectionality within Gender and religion politics especially in the context of South Asia.

Objectives of the Organization:-

  • Bring to  light  the  internal  struggle  queer  people  face  while  practising  their  religion
  • Create awareness  over  the  fact  that  being  queer  and  Muslim  aren’t  mutually  exclusive  Establish  dialogue  over  Islamophobia  within  the  LGBTQ  community
  • Create an  outreach  to  parents,  families  and  friends  of  Muslim  queer  people  so  that  they  do  not  face stigma,  abuse  and  discrimination  in  their  families
  • Create safe  spaces  for  queer  Muslims  to  get  together  and  build  support  systems  for  themselves  outside  their  parental  home


Rafiul Alom Rahman                                            Email ID:

Rafiul did his bachelors and masters in English from University of Delhi in 2017.From Rafithen he went on to do Young India Fellowship from Ashoka University and then worked as a Communication consultant with UNFPA India. During his graduation period he started Delhi University Queer Collective in 2014 and from then on has worked consistently for the LGBTQIA+ rights. Personal experiences and struggle with identity lead him to begin The Queer Muslim Project as a collective. After engaging with the community and realizing the need for an organization. He has now been working on building TQMP as an organization.



Syeda Lameeya Parween                                                          Email ID:  slparween@gmail.comlamiya.jpg

Lameeya did her Bachelors, Masters and PhD in Psychology from University of Delhi. Her personal experiences helped her understand the complexities of overlapping identities. She believes that it has become essential that we create a space to assert our identities without fear and judgment. She feels it is important that to extend this to queer Muslim people who are marginalized in diverse ways so that a space for healing and growth can be nurtured, particularly for queer Muslim women.






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