Urga Ghar

Organization Urjaghar
Theme Community Development, Adolescent and Youth Development and Education
Location Ahmadabad, Gujarat

About the Organization:-

Urjaghar, set up in 2008 and currently in the process of rebuilding focuses on tribal and environmental rights, legal aid, youth leadership for tribal population, and active citizenship. This is the 5th centre of Urjaghar, aiming to bring the rural and tribal centres to the city, where the youth from the previous centres are now spreading awareness about tribal population and creating livelihood options for the youth. They are building active citizenship with youth and children in rural areas of Ahmadabad using methods like sports for development, Film screenings etc with a focus on Education, Health and Child Rights.

Objectives of the Organization:-

  • Creating spaces to promote active citizenship using the 5th Space Model.
  • Bridging the Rural-Urban divide.
  • Advocacy for Environmental and Tribal Rights.


Rehana Qureshi                                                  Email ID: rehanaqureshi123@gmail.com


rehanaRehana did a certificate course in Human Rights in 2013 and is currently pursuin her Bachelors in Social Work from IGNOU.

She has been extensively engaged in the cultural programme in her area as the Lead theater for the same,

Later she came in contact with the work of Urjaghar. After working here, she realized that she finds her energy by working with youth and children. She is passionate about and committed to the work she is doing.


Shaheen Sheikh                                       Email ID:   shaheenshaikh181991@gmail.com


shaheen.jpgShaheen is currently appearing for her Higher Senior Secondary examination, She has engaged with theater along with the anchor. She could not complete her education earlier due to various reasons. She worked with Urjaghar and built a good working relationship with Rehana.







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