About the Organization:-

Varitra, set up in Jan, 2017, works on education, youth empowerment, women empowerment and environment. It aims to transform government schools through the support of SHG’s. They form youth groups to promote youth leadership, sports and counselling activities.  Varitra works in partnership with various organizations while also facilitating the capacities for self-driven development initiatives in communities.

Objectives of the Organization:-

  • To evolve  capacities  for  self-driven  development  initiatives  in  communities
  • To ensure  equitable  access  to  education  for  all  the  children  and  enhance  their  capacities  to  make  use  of  education  in  a  more  significant  manner
  • To empower  the  people  to  understand  and  practise  their  rights  and  findings  out  solutions  to  problems  in  order  achieve  the  same


Baljeet Yadu                                                   Email ID:

Baljeet did his bachelors of Science in Chemistry and Masters in BaljeetGlobalization & Labour studies from TISS. He belongs to an agrarian family and had a first-hand experience of challenges faced by children in rural areas. He is therefore committed to work on the improvement of the quality of Government school education. His experience of working in the development sector has encouraged him to work consistently on quality education with Varitra.

Ayeshna Kalyan                                                Email ID:

Ayeshna did her bachelor’s in Mass Communication and masters ayshnain Communication for Development from Mumbai University. She volunteered with organizations like Naz Foundation and Kshitij. She also worked with National CSR Hub, TISS. She was born into a rural setup and when she was encouraged to reflect and question her privileges. She realized that the quality of the education system is not up to mark. Through her initiative, she wants to work on improving the quality of education.



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