Vidyalaya Udhyam Association

Organization Vidyalaya Udhyam Association
Theme Education, Adolescent and Youth Development
Location Udaipur, Rajasthan

About the Organization:-

They address the issue of school drop outs, migrating to cities for work ( often falling into child labour), by building their entrepreneurial capacities. They target the tribal community of Udaipur in the age groups of 14-18 and women in the age group of 20-30. They are also working on the issue of Menstrual Hygiene within the community.

Objectives of the Organization:-

  • Reduce the amount of migration and child Labour.
  • Work with women in the community to help them empower themselves


Kumari Komal                                                                Email ID:   komal.roy815@gmail.comkomal


Komal did her masters in Development Studies from Central University of Patna. She grew up in low income family and her experiences in her post graduation paved the way for her in the development sector. She also learned about the self, breaking stereotypes and pushing her comfort zone.



Ashwani Tiwari                                                                Email ID:

Ashwani completed his B.Tech in Electronics and communication ashwini.jpgEngineering in 2014. He worked with organizations like Piramal foundation, Kaivalya, and Medha. He went through Gandhi fellowship and was sponsored by Google to go for Jagriti Yatra 2014. After the exposure and experience of working with schools and communities. He felt the need to empower schools to be the driver of Sustainable Development Goals.



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