Organization Youth Conservation Action Network (YOUCAN)
Theme Environment and Education
Location Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu

About the Organization:-

YOUCAN addresses low levels of citizen participation for environment conservation and eco-literacy in schools. They follow a philosophy called ‘Mountain to Sea’, which combines the learning of ecosystem, food security, eco-friendly action and lifestyles along with providing holistic and continuous interventions in schools.

Inception of YOUCAN is based on 3 factors:

  • Environmental Destruction
  • Holistic pathways for children to learn about environment and conservation
  • Creating avenues for youth below 35 to contribute to the learning’s of children

Objectives of the Organization:-

  • Creation of avenues  for  engagement  of  high  school  students,  young  adults  and  citizens with respect to environment education.
  • Work with diverse stakeholders of school education system to co-create programs that provide learning opportunities for students to understand environment and conservation.
  • Developing capacity and creating learning material for effective leadership of environment leaders.
  • Initiating demographic studies and understanding policy with a goal towards systems-level change.


     K.Ramnath Chadrasekhar                                                      Email ID:  ram@yfc.inramnath.jpg

K. Ramnath did his bachelor’s in English Literature from Alagappa University and went on to participate in the Asia Pacific Leadership Program in 2017. He worked for organizations like Youth for Conservation, Shekhar Dattari, HCL international School,

During his work, he travelled extensively across India and was engaged in film making and documentaries. He launched a crowd funding campaign to participate in a multicultural, professional development fellowship in Hawai’i.

His experiences in the field led him to envision a group of leaders who would be able to advocate and work to conserve the Environment. With this idea he began working on YOUCAN.



     Rachita Sinha                                                            Email ID:  rachita@youcan.inrachita

Rachita completed her B.Tech in Information Technology in 2014. She worked with organizations like Infosys and Youth for Conservation.

After years of volunteering experience and working with children. She realized that she is passionate about educating children and youth.

She decided to come in full time at YOUCAN as a youth educator.



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