Advocacy Against Child Marriage

At Swarachna School, Milaan, Sitapur, Lucknow children from neighboring 14 villages 300 girls and boys come milling in every morning excited to be at the school, learn new things, and play. Most of the children are from SC and OBC communities, with a significant number of them being Muslims. Almost all the students come from... Continue Reading →


My Journey from Self to Society

This is the story of Ilhan and Vivek - two Youth Facilitators in the My Life Mere Faisle Program in 2015-16. Under this program they went through an internship which gave them an exposure to the issue of Early and Child Marriage. After the internship they did an action project focused on the issue of... Continue Reading →

Stop Gender Discrimination

''As per the census data 2011, Sex Ratio in Madhya Pradesh is 931 i.e. for each 1000 male, This is below the national average of 943''. Low sex  ratio  is  one  of  the  manifestations  of  Gender  Inequality  and  in  Harda   district. Girls  of  the  tribal  community  are  often  sold  as  child  brides  to  communities... Continue Reading →

Sakhi Chaupaal-An Effort to Involve communities in preventing Early Marriage

Early and Child Marriage is a deep rooted tradition in the societies around the world. Besides other reasons, it is the social pressures within a community which leads families to marry their children young. For example, some cultures believe marrying girls before they reach puberty will bring blessings on families. Some societies believe that early... Continue Reading →

“My only dream to eliminate and end this early and child marriage issue, first at my home, then my village, then at the Panchayat and then at the block level. I will go for higher studies and will also motivate others for the same. I will marry when I want!!” – Maya, Youth Facilitator, My Life Mere, Faisle Program, (Ghati Village, Kherwara Block, Udaipur, Rajasthan.

Maniung Niangti and Faith Foundation: Healing Women through Healthy Relationships

Faith Foundation is led by a team of five full-time youth leaders, including the four co-founders and one volunteer. Maniung Niangti, 27 years, has done a Bachelors in Hospital Management and a Masters in Social Work from the Bosco Institute in Jorhat.  After graduating she worked as a counselor with an NGO providing substance abuse rehabilitation services and... Continue Reading →

Changelooms’ Peer Visit: “Trust Me it Will Create Wonders”

Change Looms Learning and Leadership Journey (Changelooms) supports young people who have started and are running their own independent social initiatives. It provides skill and capacity building, mentoring support, financial support and networking opportunities. The 2013-2014 Changelooms journey has included cross-border peer visits for all participants. Cross-border engagement aims to address three   issues that... Continue Reading →

Everything (one) shall pass. Live (with) it, when it is there, and let it go, to embrace more. Life and Art: They Inspire one another. In fact, when these forms collide, it is often the highest praise of a moment well-lived or an item well-made. This is what happened for Astha, a Pravah intern turned... Continue Reading →

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